Choose Wisely When Seeking a Pest Control Company

Many pitfalls lay in the path of one seeking out a pest control company. Making a wise choice is not easy.


zen-434529_640The Five Precepts of Choosing a Pest Control Company

  • Call Not the Day Before a Party

Strong I am in the skills of pest control, yet even I am not strong enough to make pests go away rapidly. This applies even more so to the technician whom you hire.

  • Buy Not on Size Alone

Some look for a national chain or a large company when purchasing pest control, thinking that on par with buying a name brand product. Others seek out a small company, thinking that owner involvement or even owner-operators provide a higher level of service. Both of these are myths.

  • Buy Not on Price Alone

Only a fool thinks it is wise to waste money, and thus, many seek out deals wherever they can. So, it may seem natural to take this same approach when you are buying pest control, when you are hiring an exterminator.

But, to shop only for the cheapest pest control company is the choice of the fool.

  • Seek Companies with Industry Affiliations

Companies that are involved in their industry and hold themselves to higher standards are more likely to provide quality service. Affiliations to look for include:

QualityPro Certification
National Pest Management Association Membership
Better Business Bureau Membership

  • Ask Wise Questions Before Hiring a Pest Control Company

Ask how much industry experience your technician will have.

If the company has management, how much industry experience does the service manager for your technician have? As companies grow, they inevitable have to hire technicians with no experience, but an experienced service manager can make up for that.

Do they have any advanced training? Courses are offered by Purdue University, some states have optional advanced certifications, and the Entomological Society of America offers a coveted Associate Certified Entomologist certification.

Is there a local entomologist on-staff?

Do they follow IPM, an approach that involves considering the environment and not just pesticides?

Although none of these precepts ensures that you will find a quality pest control company, they will make your decision wiser, and improve your chances of making the best choice.