And You Think You Have Problems: Pest Control in Libya

I clipped this out of the March / April 2011 issue of Pest magazine, a British magazine that I read.

… readers will remember (see issue 4 – July & August 2009) that Rentokil is now in the middle of a three-year, £24 million government contract to control a chronic rat problemn in Tripoli, Benghazi and Misratah in Libya. Reports circulated some months ago of lack of payment by the Libyan government. However, that is nothing compared to the current problems in the country. Rentokil has suspended operations until it is safe to resume.

Imagine trying to collect payments from a country in the midst of a civil war. I wonder, should Gaddafi be overthrown, will the new government fulfill their end of the agreement with Rentokil? Although controlling rats city-wide would be a fun challenge, I can’t imagine the other issues involved with the contract.

This should serve to remind us, no matter what problems we are having with our clients, at least our clients are not supported by a heavily armed military force capable of making war on a national level.

I understand that the Rentokil staff made it out of the country safely. At least there’s some good news with all of this.