Check out the February Issue of PCT for my Small Carpenter Ant Article

A number of years ago, carpenter ants taught me a lesson. It seems that I often have to learn things the hard way, through screwing things up, and I screwed up an ant identification, not realizing how diverse carpenter ants really were. I thought that I had some sort of field ant or cornfield ant, when in fact, I had a very small carpenter ant. (Actually, a technician had the ant in his account, and I had his ant on my desk.)

The February issue of PCT has an article on the biology and behavior of the small carpenter ant, which I wrote based upon the experience. Here’s a link to the web version, but it’s missing my photos, which are in the paper version, and the photos really enhance the article.  Drop me a line using the contact me page of this site if you want a digital copy of the article.