Can you get rid of pests with one treatment?

Can you really get rid of pests with one treatment?

This question was posed to me by someone fairly new to our industry. He had heard that a 30 day follow up was needed with most pests.

2015-06-01 13.03.52I disagree. You can get rid of pests with one treatment.

Now, this is making a few assumptions:

  • Extensive sanitation, clutter, and structural issues are addressed
  • We’re not talking about commercial restaurants (a beast unto themselves) or large apartment buildings (the problems associated with these is a topic for many later blog posts)
  • We are talking about insects and other invertebrate pests, not rodents
  • The source of the pests isn’t an adjoining property

If these don’t apply, you should be able to get pests under control with one treatment, in most cases.

These are the keys to controlling pests with one treatment:

  • Experienced, knowledgeable technicians
  • The most effective product (chemical and formulation) for the target pest, using the proper application equipment
  • Methodical pesticide applications, performed based upon the results of a detailed inspection