3 thoughts on “Pest Investigation: Noseeum Bites Inside the Home

  1. Sandy Honess

    Hi Ted: Good blog. May I ask what you would recommend for treatment/control if a noseeum were found. Id’d.????

    Hope you are well.

    We have been busy for Fall. Canines are doing very well. Bed bugs still keeping us busy.

    Your friend, Sandy “Ladybug” Honess

  2. Ted Snyder Post author

    Hi Tamara: Noseeums are real. They’re more formally known as “biting midges.” However, not all cases of people being bit by “invisible” things are noseeums.

    Hi Sandy: Thank you! Good to hear things are going good for you! I’m doing very well here.

    Noseeums are tiny gnats, about 1-3 mm in size. Bites normally occur outside, which was a warning sign for me that the case above might not be noseeums, since the client was being bit inside. If you are finding tiny gnats showing up in a case where someone is being bit, I’d recommend collecting a sample of the gnats and mailing them to myself or to your local extension entomologist so they can see if the gnats are noseeums. They are difficult to control. The two things you can try to do to control them is to use insect repellent or, if they have drainage issues or damp areas outdoors, try to solve the moisture issue. Chemical control isn’t effective enough to try, so the structural pest management professional’s role is normally just one of identification and providing advice.

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