Urban Entomologist & Pest Management Expert

Ted is a Board Certified Entomologist, holds a Master's Degree in urban entomology, and has over 24 years experience in the pest control industry. His background includes working as the senior manager responsible for training at a large, regional pest control company, and serving as an entomology officer in the US Army.  He has worked in the United States, Haiti, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and the British Indian Ocean Territory (Diego Garcia).  Through his company, Practical Entomology, he provides support on challenging pest problems.

Award-Winning Trainer

Ted has a passion for entomology and pesticide applicator education.  Education is the solution to reducing pesticide usage around our homes and businesses. He provides both online and in-person training for companies and associations.  In addition, drawing upon his experience as a senior manager responsible for training, he provides assistance with the design and development of corporate training programs. In 2010, the Board Certified Entomologists of Mid-America Entomology awarded him with their Educational Project Award for one of his computer based training modules.


Known for his down-to-earth writing style, Ted regularly writes articles on insects and rodents for popular magazines and trade magazines.  His philosophy is that the science and technology in an article should complement the reader's understanding of the material, not undermine it.

He has publications in:

  • Cabin Life Magazine
  • Executive Housekeeping Today
  • Food Safety Magazine
  • Pest Control Technology Magazine
  • Pest Control Magazine
  • NPMA Commercial e-Newsletter
  • Kansas Pest Control Association Newsletter

Ted Snyder, BCE

Ted Snyder, BCE


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