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German cockroach egg case and nymphs

Troubleshooting German Cockroach Problems in Restaurants

German cockroaches are devious creatures. Years ago, they were considered the number one pest found in structures. Since then, ants moved into the number one slot, only to be recently knocked out by bed bugs. Who wins in all this jockeying for position? Why, the ...
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What’s Biting Me When I’m at Home?

It’s aggravating when you are being bit repeatedly at home and can’t figure out what is biting you. In this article, we'll look at how homeowners can determine what is biting them and what steps to take next ...
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If you can’t get a sample of a biting pest, what can you do?

You've tried everything. Specimens of the pest that they submitted ended up being pieces of skin, lint, and debris. Inspecting the property revealed nothing. Glue boards you put out only captured dust, and maybe an occasional invader or two. You're stuck. Do you treat? ...
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How to Get Samples When a Mystery Biting Pest is Reported

Too often, when people come to a pest management professional with bites, they struggle to produce specimens. Bites can be difficult to use to identify pests. The best way to be certain of the pest is to actually see the pest. Chemical treatments vary from ...
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Treating for Biting Pests Without an Identification

Identifying biting pests can be difficult. Clients have a hard time producing good samples to identify. Sometimes they can't produce any samples at all. Or, if they do, some of the pests can be difficult to identify without advanced training in entomology. Sometimes, when faced ...
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A biting midge or noseeum. Photo source: USDA.

Pest Investigation: Noseeum Bites Inside the Home

Situation: Client is being bit inside their home in the Midwest. They report that the bites feel like bites from noseeums, which they experienced during a vacation in the South. They are looking for a control program to get rid of these biting pests. Analysis: ...
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U.S. Marshals have seized cheese products from a Wisconsin company after an inspection found evidence of rodent infestation.

Troubleshooting Rodent Problems in Food Processing Facilities

It can be easy to take rodent control for granted.  For food processing facilities, however, that's an unwise choice.  Rodent contamination in your food product can ruin your reputation and lead to being shut down by the authorities, as happened to this Wisconsin food production ...
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Weed Control is Structural Pest Management

So often, those of us who work in structural pest management - controlling insects, spiders, rodents, and the like around homes and businesses - don't pause to think about weed control. That's a big mistake. If you are doing a green pest program, it's an ...
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A carpenter ant swarmer. Source: Alex Wilde.

Which Bait is Best to Control Ant Swarmers?

Here's a question that I get sometimes: What Gel Bait is Best for Ant Swarmers? First of all, let's take a quick stroll through the ant world to see what a swarmer is, anyhow. Swarmers (technically known as alates) are winged ants. Winged ants are ...
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German Cockroach Adult Female

Common Cockroach Harborages in a Home

I remember treating an apartment for German cockroaches with my Uncle Leonard. He picked up a phone in the kitchen and told me, "Always treat the phone." "Why is that?" I asked. He put the phone down. "Because once I had a callback and I ...
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