IPM in Food Handling Establishments

German cockroach egg case and nymphs

Troubleshooting German Cockroach Problems in Restaurants

German cockroaches are devious creatures. Years ago, they were considered the number one pest found in structures. Since then, ants moved into the number one slot, only to be recently knocked out by bed bugs. Who wins in all this jockeying for position? Why, the ...
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U.S. Marshals have seized cheese products from a Wisconsin company after an inspection found evidence of rodent infestation.

Troubleshooting Rodent Problems in Food Processing Facilities

It can be easy to take rodent control for granted.  For food processing facilities, however, that's an unwise choice.  Rodent contamination in your food product can ruin your reputation and lead to being shut down by the authorities, as happened to this Wisconsin food production ...
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Inspecting Incoming Goods is Essential for Keeping Pests Out of Facilities

How often do you talk to your commercial clients about inspecting incoming goods, pallets, packages, and so forth for pest activity? If you are like most of us, probably not enough. (Note to readers from the food processing industry, especially quality assurance managers and  plant ...
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Food Safety Modernization Act, Promising to Protect Our Food

After writing about food plant pest management last week, I opened my email to find a message from Herb Kohl, my senator, wanting to share his thoughts on food plants and food safety. What an honor! I share his thoughts and my commentary in this ...
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Is this warehouse ready for an audit?

Are Your Food Processing Accounts Audit Ready?

Picture your largest food processing account (or, if you work at a food processing facility rather than for a pest management company, think of your facility). Now picture an auditor - AIB, SQF, BRC, your choice - showing up and doing a surprise audit. Did ...
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