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What’s Biting Me When I’m at Home?

It’s aggravating when you are being bit repeatedly at home and can’t figure out what is biting you. In this article, we'll look at how homeowners can determine what is biting them and what steps to take next ...
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Your first stop for solving pest problems is a quality pest control company.  Here are some suggestions on how to choose a pest control provider.

If you need additional support, Ted is available to provide pest identification, inspections, expert witness, and quality assurance audits.  Contact him to get started.

Resources for Pest Management Professionals

Improving Your Inspection Skills in Pest Management: Basements, Crawl Spaces, and Concealed Subareas

Concealed areas can harbor pest problems. Is the area under the flooring in your accounts accessible? What pests are breeding in this area? ...
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Ted Snyder is a Board Certified Entomologist, holds a Master's Degree in urban entomology, and has over 20 years experience in the pest control industry.  He has trained hundreds of pest management professionals and has helped solve pest problems around the world. He writes regularly on pests and their control, with articles featured in popular magazines, trade magazines, and on his Structural IPM blog.

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