New Short Story!

A monk in medieval Japan has a vision of the Bodhisattva Kannon and must travel to a distant camphorwood forest to fulfill it. His journey leads not only into the heart of the forest, but into the nature of suffering.  “The Camphorwood Statue” can be found in the Fall 2018 edition of Leaping Clear.

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New Article!

A magical journal is an unexpected ritual partner for the practitioner of the esoteric arts. Many of us keep grimoires or Books of Shadow – but the magical journal is not the same. Within the magical journal, the practitioner finds a sacred space of transmutation. Learn how to use your journal for self-discovery in my article in NILVX, forthcoming this October.

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“The Camphorwood Statue.” Leaping Clear. Fall 2018.
Read online.


“Journaling as a Ritual Practice.” NILVX. Volume 2, Issue 3, October 2018. (forthcoming)

Ted has also published extensively on how to safely and effectively control pests in and around homes and businesses. Known for his down-to-earth writing style and practical insights, his philosophy is that the science and technology in an article should complement the reader’s understanding of the material, not undermine it. Contact him for more information or for a publication list.

Erasure Poetry

“Plate V. B. spinosus, a Bug.” Split Rock Review. Issue 9, Fall 2017.
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“Plate VI. C. formosa, a Tiger Beetle.” Split Rock Review. Issue 9, Fall 2017.
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Traditional Poetry

“Postcards from the Abyss.” Mosaic. University of California, Riverside. 1993.

“Blood & Water Blood & Sand.” Mosaic. University of California, Riverside. 1993.

“Drinking from a Dry Well.” Mosaic. University of California, Riverside. 1993.

“I, Attis.” Mosaic. University of California, Riverside. 1992.

About Ted

About Ted Snyder

Ted at Bodai-ji Temple, Osore-zan, Japan


Vincent Dethier once wrote, "...there has never seemed to be a taboo against pulling off the legs or wings of flies. Most children eventually outgrow this behavior. Those who do not either come to a bad end or become biologists."

Over a quarter century ago, Ted took the latter of the Dethier's two paths, and ended up as a Board Certified Entomologist with a Master's Degree in urban entomology. Along the way he has worked as the senior manager responsible for training at a large, regional pest control company, and served as an entomology officer in the US Army. He has worked in the United States, Haiti, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and the British Indian Ocean Territory (Diego Garcia).


When Darwin traveled to the Galapagos Islands, he didn't have a camera to document the new species he discovered. He had to draw pictures of them. Once, scientists were trained in the arts; now those in STEM and those in the humanities compete for university funding and eye each other suspiciously, to everyone's loss.

Ted is a poet, with publications in Mosaic and Split Rock Review, and a fiction writer, with a short story in Leaping Clear. He has studied creative writing at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, where he has tried to bridge the gap between science and the humanities.

He has also published extensively in popular and trade magazines, offering insights on how to safely and effectively control pests in and around homes and businesses.


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